We do tend to be fairly heavily booked, so it is not unusual for there to be few or even no available lesson spaces in a given week, but here are some options:

1. Our weekly riders' private lesson slots are "reserved times" that become available to the general public six days before the lesson (if not already booked by the regular rider). It can be worth checking again closer to your desired lesson day in case one of them is away and thus has not booked the space, leaving it open to book.

2. Our system (EC Pro) filters for availability of a suitable coach and suitable horse (based on rider height, weight and ability). We might only have small ponies, or, conversely, full-sized hacks left available, in which case it will not show a lesson time for a teenager or small child respectively. If you are over our weight limit (76kg), no lessons will show as available as I’m afraid our horses are limited in their capacity. Please see our Lesson Policies for more details.

3. We do sometimes have spaces arise at the last minute (riders sick etc). If you would like to go on our waitlist and get notified of availabilities please email office@evrs.co.nz.

Timeslots for private lessons during the school holidays are open for booking a week or two before the holidays start, once our holiday programme bookings have been finalised.

Absolutely! Email office@evrs.co.nz with what you are after and which days/times are options for you. We do sometimes have spaces arise at the last minute (riders sick etc) and will get in touch as soon as something opens up (we love filling gaps!).

After you add riders to your account we need to “grade” them at our end. Most of our coaches are able to take ungraded riders, so it should not prevent you from booking a private lesson, but we do need to grade them before you can book them into many of our holiday riding programme sessions (under Courses on the booking page). We try to do this within a day or two of you adding them to the system.

Most of our group lessons are weekly and term-based; to join a group lesson riders need to be trotting well with good control on their own, and able to do most of the tacking up themselves. If your rider is interested in moving from private to group lessons let your coach know and we will make a plan for next term with you.

An exception is our adult group which is currently running 9am Sunday mornings; you can book into this group on a casual basis on a school horse (limited availability) or your own horse.

Occasionally we can accomodate a casual group booking e.g. for a group of friends or family members wanting to ride together; email office@evrs.co.nz with details as we will need to create a lesson slot for you.

Certainly; we always welcome ‘outside’ riders. On the Rider tab of your account select the “I have my own horses” box, and you will then be able to add your horse to your account under the Horses tab. When you are booking a lesson you can select whether you bring your own horse or use a school horse (if, for example, your horse is lame), and you should see a 25-30% lower price when you have your own horse selected.

If you are booking two siblings together, make sure they are both added to your account as riders.

If you are booking two friends together, make sure both families have an account and have added their riders, then send a ‘friend request’ by clicking the Friends button at the bottom of your main account page. Once the friend request has been selected, each family will be able to select the other rider during the booking process and thus book the two riders together, and the lessons will show up on both accounts. Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to separate payment during checkout (but this is a feature EC Pro are working on); we recommend either one family book and get repaid half by the second family, or alternately some families take turns booking and paying for both riders.

To book the semi-private lesson, select your date and time as per the normal booking process. We recommend 45 minute for semi-private lessons (under Duration, step 6). Right at the bottom of the page, click the button that says “Add Another Rider To Booking”, and you can select and add the second rider, then Add to Basket, and checkout as normal.

Lessons are paid for upfront when booking; if you don’t have a credit card you can internet bank a sum of money to be loaded to your account as credit which will then be available for you to use at checkout. Our account number is 12-3135-0116944-02. Text me, Kelly, on 021652858 to let me know if you have done this so I can keep an eye out and load it as soon it comes through.

Yes, you can purchase “tokens” (we used to call them concession cards) for five or ten lessons and get a 5% or 10% discount respectively. Go to your main account page and click the Tokens button near the bottom. You need to purchase and pay for the appropriate token pack first, then go back and book your lessons using the tokens. Make sure you select the same kind of lesson during checkout e.g. if your tokens are for 45 minute lessons, they won’t show if you have a 30 min lesson selected. When the duration is correct the token should appear in step 7 (Tokens).

You don’t have to use all your tokens at once; you can book one or multiple lessons at a time using them. Just keep an eye on their expiry date (12 months from purchase).

You can cancel a lesson any time – go to your account page, click Lesson Bookings, find the lesson and click Cancel beside it. Lessons cancelled more than 48 hours before the lesson start time will be credited to your account (or your token returned, if you booked it using a token). Short-notice cancellations made less than 48 hours beforehand, or no-shows, will not be credited.

You will be credited in full for any lessons cancelled due to bad weather or coach sickness.